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Cialis versus Viagra. Which ED pill is superior?

One has been famed to have change our lives completely when it was developed. Viagra, “the little blue pill” has certainly revolutionized a lot when it was developed by Pfizer and introduced to the market in 1998 as the first erectile dysfunction drug ever.  The other has been developed around five years later and it was soon nicknamed “the weekend pill” for the ability to last a lot longer than any other erectile dysfunction pill and to allow men achieve an erection for more than a whole day. This article compares Cialis and Viagra and tries to determine which of these two most commonly prescribed and sold erectile dysfunction drugs is superior and why.

From the day that Sildenafil is brand-named as Viagra and released into the world, other companies have tried to take their share of this market. No wonder, since they could smell the potential money pouring into their pockets. Unfortunately for most of them, they were never able to make a pill that was more effective than Viagra and had to be content with scraps that was left for them.

Still, in 2003, a breakthrough did happen and an even better ED drug than Viagra has been introduced. It was named Cialis and it has soon proven far more effective than Viagra in almost all aspects. These are just some.

When it comes to how fast it starts working, Cialis is a little better than Viagra, shortening the amount of time from ingesting the pill to starting with the sexual intercourse. Although this time is not a lot bigger, it still does offer a slight advantage, although not enough on it’s own. It is generally recommended to take Viagra about 1 hour before sexual activity, maybe 10-15 minutes less and Cialis can be taken 30 minutes before a successful sexual intercourse

Viagra is practically notorious for causing strong headaches, Cialis is also causes headaches, but in a much lesser number of people and the magnitude is also smaller than in the case of Viagra. Cialis also doesn’t cause as many side effects as Viagra does.

The biggest advantage that Cialis has over Viagra, though is the fact that it last a lot longer. While the positive effects of Viagra could be felt for around 4 hours once it kicks in, Cialis is in effect sometimes for even 36 hours, which has rightfully earned it the nickname “weekend pill”. Take one pill in Saturday and you will feel the effects till Monday morning. without the need for another in the meantime.

Of course, Viagra does have it’s advantages. For instance, it does not cause back pain as Cialis and once taken it provides a stronger erection than Cialis. However, even with these on its side, Viagra is still trailing and it is only a matter of time before it is completely dethroned by Cialis.

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